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Anonymous: A little baby elephant stumbles into your askbox, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you, “I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person." Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash anonymously.


Anonymous: I want you. This isn't the creepy anon btw lol

Lmfao ahw😘 thank you , its nice to be wanted

daayumbrandon: Hi can we be frands?

Yes im not a bitch who ignores people thinking im better than everyone😂

Anonymous: gotta create sum hype! then afk to make u beg :)

Oh i dont beg for a boy. I dont beg for anyone. Nice meeting you tho 👌😌 if someone doesnt hit me up i just dont talk to them , simple. Lol💁 bye bye matthew😎

Anonymous: nah man! dress to the 9, sundays w/ fam, college+work+internship! future md! motivated and spoils the boo. i like wut i see i go for it ;)

Then why dont you just message me off anon ? Lol

Anonymous: i'm ur prince charming :) will u b my princess? lmfao! name's matthew. just mad crushing on u, ur bod, and of course ur va jay jay!

Ya sound like a fuck boy😂